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As i know, takde sape berminat nak ambik tahu pasalaku, pebenda aku tweet, pebenda aku sembang.
Tak pulak aku tahu tetibe ade baca tweet aku lepas tu tanya macam-macam kat orang lain.
Dan aku sangat yakin, takde sape baca blog aku. Harap tu takda lah kecuali dia.

And now, muncul pulak one more reason to hate me.
How to solve? Don't ever whatsapp. Whats going on with this life.
Should 2014 ended horrible, terrible and with all this shit.
The one who i care, hates me. Huh!

Syi, u need to be patient, keep strong, just follow the rules.
and u, IF u read this, always be happy with yr life. And take care of everything.
I supposed to not disturbing u. I'm sorry.
I don't know why I'm stupid when I with u.