Syahirah: its all about feelin

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its all about feelin


Well, these days, ppl doesn't want to know what other ppl says, think about them. Just go on with their own life. I do hate to hear other ppl's perception on us, but you can take it as a positive other than the negative side.

Broken heart. I do hate much this feeling. Make me stress! Think too much. I can handle it.
Now, I'm in this mood. I just want him to be with me. I know its only fate will point it out for after 10++ years after this. I always pray for the best for us.
I put out all my ego but then, -ve respond I get is "u always lie to me".
When I'm in ego, "u never change" I don't know what's going on inside his head. Everything is -ve bout me?! So what about that other ''person'' ? Everything she said always the truth? Perfect?
Sometimes, yeah, I do jealous. Jealous too much until I hate her. Even u say u doesn't like her.
But, 'u layankan aje'. Argh!! Whats going on with u?! I need u..
Do u need to help the person unrelated to u and didn't ask u for yr help? 'Nak jadi baik tak bertempat?' T__T

I've broke yr heart before, I want to heal it. I want to put out all the pain. But u refused. All the -ve thinking inside yr head says shes not good. She bad, she terrible. Is't only me over feeling on u? Gosh! I'm in pain.