Syahirah: how to be 'tabah'?

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how to be 'tabah'?

u know what bloggie? its hurt to be the one that been left by her lover? hurt too much.
dont have anybody to respond to yr story, to wake u up every morning, to talk before u sleep. to say i love u i miss u when u're really in love. lol. apesal jiwang bhaii..
do u have anybody that u know and doing many things, having many plans to future or something, then, they go.

Aku ada sorang kawan la dekat kolej dulu, Wani. Jemaah 2055.
Dia ade cerita, dulu dia ada boyfriend. Kalau lah ade lagi mamat tu, rase tak masuk uitm dah, Mungkin dah kawin. But, malang tak berbau, boyfriend dia meniggal, accident waktu nak pergi kerja.
Dan just a week before UPU result keluar. I don't know how hurt that feeling. Like suddenly just happened in a second. And she told me, If she had a chance to have some times with him, she really want to solat jemaah that he will be the imam.
Dia sangat tabah. U're a strong girl babe!

But me, i cant. I just cant.
But who cares?