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assalamualaikum. Salam maal hijrah. :)

today i wanna tlak about a diary. almost every ppl have their own diary. At least in the primary school. Just for fun? or for reminding something awesome happened in that day?
I've got some some before. For my own, I haven't finish even a small book. But, I have one that I finished a book with someone. Lie share this diary. To know more each other. sumthin like dat.
But it takes a long time to finished it. 
Its my first time make a share diary. And now, I can re-read all the things that happened before. 
The bad day, a great day. Everything!! I miss the moment when we need to exchange this diary. 
How time flies.. Sometime, it makes me cry. The old things never the same like what happened today. Appreciate what u have, don't until u regret it in the future. That heart feeling on u never change.
"If there's no respond in two or three days, u need to worry. It must be sumthing." :'(