Syahirah: Hurted.

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Today wasn't a really nice day for me. In the beginning, everything was fine. i'm doing some chores, homework, then need to send ma brotha to tuition. As usual, after we've sent him, we'll going to shop. So, just decide to go to Aeon. okey. everything still fine. Until I met Cikgu Norainee that had been teaching History me in form 2 I thought? I can't run anywhere. Then she stare at me, walking and stopped. hurgh.

So, just go to her and salam lah. She asked me where I'm studying now. And I answered I'm form 5 sc. How can replied ''Tak pegi kelas yg dekat sekolah tu ke?" Whatt?!! I just smiled and just say no lah. Deep inside of my heart, "Apahal pulak cikgu ni tetibe nak tanya, ma ayah ada kat sini, mati la aku...!" Yaa. i'm so frustrated. I didn't tell my parents bout that class. Then, that cikgu tell my parents bout that. Hate it!!

Alhamdulillah, my mom still calm. And said to me, its okey u're not in the targeted student. So, u'll not study in pressure. Oke mom, I didn't mean to make u disappointed. argh!
I can't stand to bear my anger right now. Sheit!