Syahirah: lost.

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apa benda tah dah jadi. sakit hati doh. hergh. 
ape benda aku buat. heh. makin lama makin sakit pulak tuh. 
jangan tanya aku kenapa aku tak jawab tuh. 
every time i'm trying to answer, u'll cut it off. 
mencintai seseorang hanya memerlukan 1 minit. untuk melupakan, 
memerlukan seumur hidup. cliche.

you know hurt it is when you are trying to confess it, then it is like shit they cutting off your words. maybe they have give you the opportunity, but you didnt take it at that time.
Then, when you want to take it, thay would say times up. its over. and you know how ot feels like? sheit.

dont want the same thing happened again. its tiring.

see? -.-
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