Syahirah: Last post in 2012.

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Last post in 2012.

2012 akan melabuhkan tirainya. Typical ayat macam dalam tv dah
2013 aku dah naik form 5. Dah form 5 so, tau-2 jelah. Ada exam besar iaitu SPM. 
Risau sungguh aku. Form 4 pun aku dah tunggang langgang. 

Aku sungguh-sungguh nak belajar betul-betul. Taknak main-main lagi dah. Laptop ni racun. Kalau ambik sikit, jadilah ubat. Kalau dah berejam depan laptop nih, masa kau dah terbuang. Makruh membuang masa. 

SO, you have to be a good good student. Always focus in class. No play around, gossiping and blablabla such that. This time you have to make effort by your own. Do not expect other person to help you succeed except Allah SWT. 
You have to prove that you also can success like other ppl. 

Thanks to everyone that had my 2012 such a meaningful year.
Setiap manusia pernah buat salah.
Kita mesti belajar dari kesilapan. *penah dengar tak ayat tuh?
Thanks a lot! Muahh 

You have to achieve the goal. Hope 2013 will be a better year for me. 
9A+ come to mama!! Insha Allah..

Our last picture in 2012.
See ya next year!