Syahirah: Put the Blame on me =___=''

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Put the Blame on me =___=''

Hola peeps!

Minggu-2 cuti nih, aku tak tau nak buat ape la. Apesal cuti kali ni semua sunyi sepi jek. Aku peliks la dengan korang. Selalunye sume bz jom lepak-2. Location: mane-2 ajer.. Maybe this time bz with homeworks sume kan.Tak semua aku rase yg balik kampung. So what uolls doing at home????!!! 

Baru-2 ni ade perkara yg sangat-3 merunsingkan kepale hotak aku nih. There's a human I know him since primary. We've been chat, yeah as a member why not. Hopefully it'll not become more than that. He bought me something special. My favoritas! And asked me to see him. But as usual, many excuses I gave cuz I know something would happened then. It must be this evening. Just forget 'bout it. So, I apologise of what I've done. BUT!! I felt like some mistake I've done. Until now, I'm still feeling like I'm doing the fault..

Okeyh,, sekarang ape perlu buat, Chillex ajerr bak kate PC Kerbau.. HEHE X) Jangan maraaaaa..