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AkuRinduKamu! IMISSYOU :]


Waa! My blog had quiet long no update huh.. Busy in school lah :P
1st of all, i wanna say goodluck for those who go to a new school. pssstt.. who got SBP n Mara yeah!
And four of ma friends got it. So, after they're gone in the class its feel quiet awkward lah! I miss them soo much! So, u ollz were go there and done ever come back to MRSM Batu 10 yee.. Bikin semak! hehe
Last saturday, a member ogf mine called me and i was a lil' bit of excited! You still remember me ek! HEHE
K thats all for now. Ive got to go. Homework doesn't finish yet! BIOLOGY!!!

aSSalamuALAIkum!! (Y) no war