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Nothing to say now..

Hola! Its been long time i havent open this blog. Its actually nothing i wanna story about. Hurm..
Oh yea! This week i've been busy painting my room so damnly! So tired cuz to rooms i got to paint off! One is my room and my bro. U know, he makes me feel like im a ***!!
He wants to paint his room first, so okey! You do first, and mine later. Huh! I thought he'll done it him self, but my mom said cant u help him? He cant do it by him self. WTFISH! Oke fine. I'll do half and u half too. Damn!
2 days to finished just his room and all of it is my work. He just help 30% of it. He really makes me wanna burnt his room! But lastly i told myself to not rampage cause of that thing. So, fine. Just let it go. Whatever happened, u still my brother what.
And now, my room doesnt finish. It maybe took 2 more days. Im downandout oredi.. T_T

But something had cheer me up! My dearest friend! Had been so long we havent met!

not mean i dont love my brother. Just  sometimes offensive me :)