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Staring from my room, I see them, Holding hands wish I could be them, Lovers doing what we use to do. That's the way it's been here lately. You're too busy now to save me. Feels like you forget I'm waiting for you.  Sometimes I wish I could just let go. But I love you. And I believe that one day you will come around. But can you tell me.  How do I always end up being the girl at the window. tell myself I'm not gonna wait for you whenever you go. You give me your word and I always take it. You say you'll be home but you never make it. So why do I... Always end up that girl at the window .The girl at the window.  I know you're working that's why you're leaving, I will never argue your reasons. If this means that you believe in them. Oh time goes on and we're growing apart. Broken promises break my heart. Please don't give me a reason to say goodbye....